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Encouraging Christian Missionary Stories
If you have missionary stories that feature God in action please email it.

Woman Attempts Suicide Went to Hell, Then To Heaven and Survived
Tamara Laroux shot herself in the chest, died, and went to hell, but God RESCUED HER from hell and took her to heaven for a glimpse of it, before returning her spirit to her body!!

Man Dies and Returns to Life on the Operating Table
After a massive heart attack took this man's life, the cardiologist felt an overwhelming urge to pray over his body. Miraculously, he returned to life with no medical explanation. Amazing.

Speak To Your Mountain
Then suddenly, before our eyes, the tape began to clear up. Just as the pastor announced how God intimately loves us, I turned to look at my wife and saw the tears streaming down her face

Signs and Wonders Today
God healed him that very night. He was not admitted to the hospital. He was forced to go before his church and witness to God's power in his life. He was soon fired as pastor of this church, and this is what led him into business.

 When Otto gave his garden to God, he no longer got angry and was free from worry. The natives started bringing him fruit from the garden because they didn't want any more calamities to come into their village.

Witches Market
God told me to bring one bible, highlighted in yellow over verses of salvation and verses of deliverance. Four of us prayed and sought the person God wanted me to give that bible to. God told me that she would then preach the gospel to others. We found this woman in a witches booth and prayed with her about salvation

Church Members See Miracles In Outreach
  "And he said, 'Look at that! This heart...it's healing right here in front of me,'" said Amy Goodall.

Graham Cooke "Throne Room"
Three guys try to discredit Grahams School of Prophecy in the UK. But God takes Graham to the Throne room to reveal what is really happening.



Graham Cooke / "Hearing Strange Voices" VIDEO
Graham Speaks about a experience his friend a business man has told him, About the "Calling" of God



Graham Cooke Satanist & Jesus in Fire VIDEO
"I hear this hissing sound like a snake... and as I'm hearing him curse me, this cloud rises in the office and this really obnoxious smell.. and so I ask him 'How long have you been a Satanist?'"


Cherokee Carnival
Then she brought 3 boxes full of candy and gave them to us.” God had provided for the needs of our youth group by giving us this candy.

The Train Came Back
As a new Christian and a missionary, I started to do the only thing I knew – pray. “Oh God of Abraham, help me! Lord as there is no other train to Jammu , will you please do something so that my train which has already left will come back!”

A Pakistani Muslim Comes Face To Face With Jesus Christ
First I set the Qur'an on fire and it got burnt before our eyes. Then I tried to do the same with the Bible. As soon as I tried it, the Bible...

Deadly Snake Strikes Missionary Child
God's promises are true, and His loving care and protection of His own is endless, and always sufficient. Just before John stepped on the snake, the Lord had ...

Anti-Christians in India torch church, homes destroyed disabled teen saved
The fire burned his house down and two adjacent houses, but the fire never touched this wooden box. They found him in the wooden box.

Four of the grenades missed the vehicle but one of the grenades hit the canopy right behind the cab and glanced off, WITHOUT EXPLODING!!

Miracle helps proclaim the truth to farmers in Uganda
So right there I had everybody hold hands and pray with me. The next morning it was raining 'cats and dogs.' That made believers of quite a few people."

Prayerfully Arranged Marriage
"I prayed for you for seven years," proclaims Dave. "Then in the middle of the night on December 30, 1984, God woke me up out of a sound sleep and said,

God Calls
Suddenly, I heard a voice in my room that said, "Go to Christ Church!" I thought I was imagining things. Then, I heard it a second time!

The Cab Driver and the Bartender
The power of God moved greatly in the bartender, and he was delivered from his homosexual lifestyle. He began to change his life and share Jesus with the prostitutes. All 65 of them became Christians, and they began meeting in the bar for Bible study.

Destroying High Places
Julius led an "Operation Gideon" team of twenty-two persons to the first of several sites to conduct onsite prayer vigils with pastors and leaders and the army to tear down sacred altars they believed had spiritual powers for the rebel army 
As a result of these actions, a great turning point in the war took place with many rebel leaders surrendering and giving their lives to Jesus Christ

Rebels are turning to Christ in Colombia, peace talks are planned
"A pastor made some contact with some of the rebel groups and actually led one of the rebel leaders to the Lord and he invited him to come into the rebel held territory and God just worked miracles for him."

Youth evangelizing youth brings 'one God-night after another' in Native American tribes
they watched storms coming into the reservation, and after prayer, watched them move right around the basketball courts they presented on. "A few minutes later, many native young people would trade their hopelessness" for the hope of Jesus Christ.

A miraculous healing, a church planter, an evangelist all come together to bring hope to India
One day Ramtubai's daughter Sharmila fell ill. The doctors couldn't help her. so Ramtubai took Sharmila to five different witch doctors, pleading for help. But nothing worked.

JESUS film frees villages from witchcraft
The government routinely imprisons accused witches, but prison walls cannot contain their power. 

You want to do what?
He is walking like he has never had surgery!" "That is hard to believe," said the doctor. "In fact, that is incredible!"

Strange Instructions
n the middle of the night he suddenly sensed God speaking to him: "Leave this house quickly and run away!"

The Transformation of an Entire People
After the N people had heard the stories from creation through the life of Jesus, they made a unanimous group decision to follow Jesus.

In the Pakistan quake: Believers keep baby alive with their prayers
He could not see the baby, but heard his cries coming from a collapsed building. He started praying for the Lord to save this baby.

Miracle Child
Bob and Carrie had been trying all along to interpret signs, wondering what God's will might be for their child. To them, the spark was a sign of faith. "To me, it meant that the lights are on and somebody's home!"

Mustard Seed Faith in Business
They took authority over this mountain of a problem based on Matthew 17, which gave them the authority to cast a mountain into the sea if faith only the size of a mustard seed could be exercised.

Angels in the Workplace
A few days later his "friends" paid him a visit. They kidnapped him, blindfolded him, and placed him in a jail cell located in the middle of a mafia-controlled house. During the night.. 

His Family Locked Him In but God Translated Him into Church
From the persecuted church a story of a believer dreaming of being in worship while imprisoned and actually being seen there.

Remembering Jean Craig
Jean first sailed to Shanghai in September 1929 as a young missionary with the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (MECS). Like many of her contemporaries, she answered the call to "win the world for Christ in one generation." What happened next, however, was that China won over her. You see, the Holy Spirit got in on the action and opened up for her and many like her an exciting, entirely new, wonderfully rich, and magnificently complex culture and people.

Witnessing God’s Faithfulness in Ethiopia
As preparations to kill the evangelist came to fruition, he had two dreams. In one, Jesus showed his love to Mohammed. In the other, God revealed to him the reality of His judgment.

Street Walker Ministry Having Success
“I have girls who’ve left prostitution who bring their kids in. We have girls who’ve left and are going strong in the church, and there are those who aren’t in the church but they’ve left prostitution.

We Heard Singing but the Church Had Gone

A story told by an OMF worker while in China being led to the underground church by hearing them singing  even though there was only one person there.

The Smell of Rain
Her daughter's words confirmed what the Blessing family had known all along. During the first two months of life, when her nerves were too sensitive for them to touch her, God was...

Happy Days in China
She forgave her husband for his part in her 7 abortions and God gave her the names and gender of each child whom He was looking after now. 

In the Pakistan quake: Believer asks Jesus to move rubble to rescue boy
It was hard for me to see this boy stuck and bleeding, and he was continuing to cry out, ‘Save me!’ 

In the Pakistan Quake: Injured survivors call on Jesus to heal them
When they stopped praying and said “Amen,” everyone looked at the injured people and their wounds. The wounds immediately started to dry up and disappear.

Ethiopian Believer, Persecuted For His Faith, Now Runs Orphanage,
An Ethiopian Christian who faced persecution for his faith in his home country, is asking American believers not to forget those imprisoned and tortured for trusting in Jesus Christ.

Hindu Radicals Destroy Christian Church and School
“They want me and Dad to ask forgiveness for ever preaching Christ in their cities, and to say we will never preach again.”
“It’s not going to happen in this lifetime,” he concluded, referencing Romans 1:16 and 8:28 -39.

Custodian Dies For His Church
The enemy tried again and again to light the fuse, but it was to no avail. It did not want to light. The church was saved.

The Stolen Bicycle
"Give him the money you have with you," the Lord said to me. What? Was I to give money to this rogue, I thought? Nevertheless, I gave him all the money I had.

"We kept arguing with each other, louder and louder! Eventually, knowing judo, he twisted my arm behind me, threw me on the ground, and, against my will, dragged me to church. 

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When does God call people to long-term missionary service?

* 21% were called as a result of a missions education service in their local church
* 20% felt God calling them after listening to missionary speakers
* 19% were called because of their own family's missions vision and conversations
* 10% heard God's call through reading missionary books

-- Terry Read, missionary and missions professor

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