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Small miracles during a mission trip to Oklahoma in the midst of the Cherokee Nation  

Some people doubt that miracles can happen today as it did when Jesus was on the earth. There were many testimonies of healing miracles all around the world. During my mission trip. I happened to experience a glimpse of the miracles that can happen even today.  

Children’s screams rung in the air as they grew more accustomed to our presence. When we started the children’s carnival, I could see the kids looking around with frowns on their lips. Their hands were behind their backs and some kids were biting their lips. They walked to us as if it hurt to walk. Finally after a few moments to get accustomed, the mysterious ice between us broke and the carnival started.  

I was in charge of the ring toss station. The rings were black, plastic bracelets and the pins were water bottles. We gave them 6 tries and according to their performance give a prize. It was backbreaking work. At first, it was easy. “Good job, nice try, aww…” We said at every throw. Then we bent down and picked it up and the next kid threw. 1,2,3,4… one after another my back ached from bending over. “When can I stop?” I thought. After 15 more minutes, at last lunch was served. My part was over, for the day.  

My youth group and I go to Oklahoma to server the Cherokee Native Americans. The carnival was one of the programs. We would go door to door evangelism, have worship in their churches, and lead revival nights in a tent after the carnival. We have done this about for 3 years now and on the 2nd year a problem occurred.  

“As you well know…” one of the youth group teachers who was leading the carnival was saying. “The prizes for the two days we brought ran out on the first day.” The carnival was a 2 day event. “She continued. I was very frustrated and sad that the kids wouldn’t have any prizes. I went to the store and bought some more but we still didn’t have enough. Then I prayed. Later in the day I met Mrs. Chitwood.” Mrs. Chitwood was an elderly lady who ran a mission base in Oklahoma in which we stayed in. “I asked here if she had any prizes we could give to the children. She said, yes, yes we do. Then she brought 3 boxes full of candy and gave them to us.” God had provided for the needs of our youth group by giving us this candy.  

The candy brought lost of fun to the children the next day. This was the small miracle I experienced. Many unbelievers can think that this was pure coincidence, but I believe it was God’s miraculous provision for our needs.

Sean Hwang 14 years old and lives in Texas

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When does God call people to long-term missionary service?

* 21% were called as a result of a missions education service in their local church
* 20% felt God calling them after listening to missionary speakers
* 19% were called because of their own family's missions vision and conversations
* 10% heard God's call through reading missionary books

-- Terry Read, missionary and missions professor