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JESUS film frees villages from witchcraft

Posted: 21 May, 2008

Central African Republic villagers watch Jesus film

Villagers watch the JESUS film.

Central African Republic (MNN) – A JESUS film team responded to an epidemic of witchcraft in the Central African Republic by “soaking” villages in the region of Bossangoa with the Gospel.  They walked from village to village and showed the JESUS film every night. Eighteen new churches have been planted as a result. 

Area witches reportedly have the power to kill and cause tremendous physical suffering, besides terrorizing the community. The government routinely imprisons accused witches, but prison walls cannot contain their power. 

Witchcraft is common in the Central African Republic. According to the CIA, 25% of the population is Protestant and 25% is Roman Catholic, but the Christian population is heavily influenced by animistic religion. 

When witches in the villages saw the JESUS film and heard the Gospel in their own language, many were convicted by the Holy Spirit. They joyfully repented of their sins, experienced freedom from bondage, and turned their lives over to the Lord Jesus Christ. Now the people of the area call the JESUS film “The Miracle Film.” 

The region’s governor called the JESUS film team to thank them personally, saying, “I congratulate you because of the miracles that your film is doing among those witches. Now your team and you have the responsibility to preach through your miracle 'JESUS film' to all the towns and villages under my supervision.”

Praise the Lord for the power of the Gospel. Pray for the growth of these new believers. Pray also for their freedom from animism in a country the BBC calls “one of the least-developed countries in the world.”

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* 21% were called as a result of a missions education service in their local church
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-- Terry Read, missionary and missions professor