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In the early 70’s when we were pioneer missionaries in Katra, in the Himalayan Mountains of Kashmir it was a hard and difficult life, often filled with hunger and poverty. One day I was returning to Katra with an orphan boy. Our train arrived in Delhi railway station at about 3:00 PM and I was to catch the train (Jhelum Express) to Jammu from Delhi at 9:00 PM, and then go by bus from Jammu to Katra, our mission station.

After the train arrived in Delhi , I took things easy since there were 6 hours left to catch the connecting train for the second phase of the journey. At 5:00 PM, I asked a porter, “Can you tell me from which platform the Jhelum Express, the train to Jammu , would leave?” He looked at me and said, “The train already left at 4:00 PM.” I was shocked as the porter explained that the train timings had changed recently, and so departure time of the train, Jhelum Express had been advanced from 9:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  Shell shocked, I began to shake. “Where will I stay for the night?” I thought to myself. I did not have the money to stay even in the cheapest hotel. It was severe winter. The open railway station was the only place to rest, but the freezing weather would surely kill the orphan boy. Bare footed, wearing shorts and a thin shirt, the boy was already shivering. I knew that if he stayed with me on the railway platform he would die of the cold.

As a new Christian and a missionary, I started to do the only thing I knew – pray. “Oh God of Abraham, help me! Lord as there is no other train to Jammu , will you please do something so that my train which has already left will come back!”

I realized that this was an impossible prayer, because trains that have left a station – especially a very busy station like New Delhi , the capital city of India – do not come back. I knew that the train had left over an hour before, and even if it developed a problem it would be taken to the closest railway station or another engine would be sent to it. So there was no chance- absolutely none – of it coming back! But I did not have any choice. So with a childlike faith, I continued to pray, believing that God is a God of impossibilities.

As I prayed, my faith was increasing and I started to speak to the train. “Train, I command you to come back! As the servant of Almighty God, I say, come back!” I started to pace up and down the platform and continued to pray. I prayed in my understanding and in tongues for at least 30 minutes. People looked at me walking up and down on the railway platform murmuring something. The shivering Hindu orphan boy watched perplexed as I commanded the train to come back! I continued walking up and down the platform and asking God to bring the train back. At about 5:45, I saw the silhouette of a train backing up slowly towards platform one where I was standing.  I strained to see through the growing darkness. Yes, it was a train backing up to the station.

My body straightened as the train got closer to me. I looked at the signboard as the train stopped in front of me. It said, “Jhelum Express: Delhi to Jammu .” I jumped inside the train and shouted HALLELUJAH! Hearing the loud shout, the train ticket examiner came to me. I told him the story, and how I prayed for my train to come back. The Hindu ticket examiner looked at me in amazement and exclaimed, “You are a man of God! Sir, about an hour after our train left New Delhi railway station, some technical problem developed in the engine. We could not carry on with the rest of the journey. So we called the Central Railway control room in New Delhi and asked them to send another engine. But we were asked to come back.” He continued, “It is very impractical and unrealistic to call back a train to the busy New Delhi , after it has left the station for some time. And it is a real miracle from God that it came back to platform number one – which is always busy for prestigious trains. In my whole life, I have never heard of such a thing happening! But, now we know why this train was asked to come back. I believe in your prayers. In fact, since I did not see you when the train left, I had given your sleeper berth away to someone else. But now I want to give you a new berth and one extra one for the boy too!”

The orphan boy and I rested well and reached Jammu the next day.  Amen!


In May 2001, I was in Bintulu, a small town in Malaysia , speaking in one day’s seminar. By the evening, the auditorium was completely filled. It was a blessing to me to see the faith of these believers rise as I spoke. I shared this story with the people and challenged them for a breakthrough faith. I said, ‘call back your train and expect it to come.’

The next day, I was at the Bintulu airport, waiting to catch a return flight to Kuching. At the airport, there was a lady waiting for me. She took me and my friend, Pastor William Than, for a cup of coffee and told us this story. She said that her name was Rosa . Rosa and one of her friends, Tida, had heard my message the previous night. The story about the train that came back, stirred up their faith. Rosa told us that Tida’s husband had left her 18 years ago. They had a kid from their marriage but her husband had left her for another woman. Tida loved her husband very much, and had waited all these years for him to return. It was at this stage that she heard my message and the story of the train that came back.

Tida and Rosa decided to call back their train, Tida’s husband. If a train could be brought back by God, then why not a wayward husband! The two ladies prayed in Tida’s apartment until 2’O clock. Not long after the prayer had ended, Tida’s telephone rang. It was her husband! After 18 years, he had called to say that he was leaving the other woman and coming back forever.


Yes! I want to challenge you: “Don’t give up”! If your train, your blessing has left without your promises being fulfilled, then do not be disheartened. Do not give up. Call back your blessings, your healing, your job, your dues, your health, your peace! Call forth your miracle. Call back your train. It cannot leave without you. You must be in!! In Jesus name!!!

If you have any special prayer request, please do e-mail or write to us.

Meanwhile continue to pray for me and the ministry. There are several more people like Tida that need to hear about the love and power of our good God! Continue to stand with us in your prayers and support.

Indian Evangelical Team is growing strong and fast under the leadership of Joy Thomas. We need your encouragement and support.


Yours to count on to see India is evangelized in our lifetime. No one can do it alone. But together – we can do it. Let us do it - now,



P.G. Vargis

WEC Canada

Pioneers Canada

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When does God call people to long-term missionary service?

* 21% were called as a result of a missions education service in their local church
* 20% felt God calling them after listening to missionary speakers
* 19% were called because of their own family's missions vision and conversations
* 10% heard God's call through reading missionary books

-- Terry Read, missionary and missions professor